Said The Butterfly is a line of inspired cards, gifts and creations by Melissa Renzi. Each piece starts as an original mixed media collage full of Melissa’s writing, hand-picked treasures and her signature symbol, the butterfly. It all started in 2001 when Melissa discovered a plaque with these words by Hans Christian Andersen: “Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

These words felt so familiar and so right. Soon, “saidthebutterfly” became Melissa’s email address and her personal philosophy. And now, it’s her brand. Just like the lifecycle of its namesake butterfly, Said The Butterfly will rest and feed and grow until one day it flies. By reading this, you’re officially part of the journey. It’s going to be one great big adventure. Said The Butterfly is sunshine, freedom and little flowers for all.

Melissa Renzi is an artist, writer and dreamer. She earned a BA in English and Art at Bucknell University then a MA in Education at California State University. She was the apprentice and darling friend to world-renowned artist and teacher Gemma Taccogna. Melissa was the great-niece of Abstract Expressionist Grace Renzi Kantuser. Melissa has taught art and creativity throughout Southern California to students ages 3 to 83.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Melissa now lives in Los Angeles. She’s married to a great guy named Bob Gustafson who puts the B in Bliss. See more of Melissa’s artwork in her Flickr Art Gallery here. Follow her journey as she celebrates the wonderful and inspires the creative on her blog, Good Things Darling.

Photo of Melissa Renzi and photos of works in progress on homepage slideshow courtesy of Jennifer Kelley Lublin Photography.

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